why films?

Most people are so consumed with the “important” details of what will happen on their special day that they fail to think about what happens the weeks, months, and years after. The dress is in storage, the cake has been eaten, the gifts have been opened and used. What do you truly have left after that day besides the memory in your head? Most would agree that a professional photographer is an important part of an event budget, but to be able to truly experience those memories there is no substitute for a video film. The funny moments, the dancing, family and friends giving their congratulations are things that can only be relived though a genuine film story. This is not your cousin setting up his Sony Handycam on a wobbly tripod in a corner, pressing ‘record’ and walking away. This is a true cinematography team, with professional HD equipment, capturing the highlights of 8-12 hours and then editing those unique moments into a Hollywood movie-style film where you are the star. You will laugh again, cry again, and even see moments you didn’t get to experience on the actual day. Only film can deliver that kind of memory.